Live at the Historic Brook Theater

Anthony Liguori at The Historic Brook Theater...

ELVIS WORLD welcomed  Anthony Liguori, Jr. and his "Remembering Elvis" tribute show to my old hometown of Bound  Brook, NJ last night where our magazine was conceived and first published  I am kind of fond of Italian/American ETAs and so I brought the staff down to see him for the first time  in our historic and beautifully  renovated theatre. Built in 1927 it is one of the last of the old traditional movie theatres. And we saw many here Including those of Elvis. Everyone from Jackie Gleason to Tony Bennett to Bo Diddley whom we met here have played here.    Ravaged by floods in the low-lying  downtown district  it has been rebuilt time and time again.   At one point  I was on a committee that helped repair this beautiful palace. So last night  when I saw the glowing marquee, I was as proud as punch to be back home again and  anticipating the concert.

Photo: Phil Gelormine/Elvis World (c) 2016

Rock Around the Clock: The show opened with a short but steaming set from the legendary Bill Turner & Blue Smoke. He was the former lead guitarist for the late, great Bill Haley & the Comets. I haven't seen Bill play since he backed another Italian Elvis, the very wonderful Jim Barone, maybe 15 years ago at an outdoor concert in Westfield.  So I knew what to expect - precision rock 'n' roll  playing! 


Photo: Phil Gelormine/Elvis World (c) 2016

Elvis is in the building! To the sound of Turner's band which included a horn section (points) and to the left of stage three pretty ladies (The Lazzaro Sisters) singing back-up along with Bill's boys.  This was some full blown production. Suddenly as the lights dimmed and the packed house of all ages rose to their feet while the strains of 2001 faded into a drum vamp, Anthony Liguori Jr representing Elvis strolled out in a bright, red jumpsuit, strapped on a guitar and got down to business opening with the PRESLEY favorite, "That's All Right".

Photos; Phil Gelormine/Elvis World (C) 2016